Lorenzo Carreri

12+ years in digital
marketing & CRO

Rishi Rawat

13+ years in CRO

We decided to create this show as a the result of a 13-year journey.

We (Lorenzo and Rishi) have been involved with conversion optimization for a really long time.

Our paths have been different and we’ve reached *slightly* different conclusions about how shoppers think.

After working for 100s (literally 100s) of successful eCom businesses we’ve decided to share everything we know.

In each episode we pick 1 super successful DTC brand and we go deep and analyse the website from a conversion rate optimization standpoint using 2 different approaches:


Lorenzo focuses on analysing customer research by mining the brand customers’ reviews to understand why people bought the product and what anxieties they had before buying

Rishi’s specialty is getting into to minds of new buyers to understand what they’re thinking. He uses those insights gained working with 200+ specialty retailers to lift conversions using words on a screen.

We didn’t create this show to get us new clients— it’s here to help marketing teams and entrepreneurs get 10x better marketing results.

If you subscribe and pay attention to our secrets you will make more money. It’s as simple as that.