Every week we analyze a successful DTC brand and share golden nuggets on how to increase their conversion rate

  • We give you practical and actionable CRO ideas (no fluff) on how to increase conversion rate
  • With reviews mining analysis, we show you how to uncover the real reasons why customers buy and what stops them from buying
  • We share conversion ideas and tactics you have never seen anywhere else. So you can steal them and use them for your own brand or clients


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See all Episodes

“Lorenzo and Rishi have put together a show of immeasurable value. Understanding How Shoppers Think highlights the importance of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to a level you have not experienced before. They will surprise you every week with new ideas and suggestions. Good content is rare. Great content is a unicorn, and that’s exactly what you are getting.”

“Gentlemen, really enjoying this series! Appreciate all the time, hard work and energy you both are putting into this. Truly evident how passionate you guys are in this field. Learning so much and continuing share your knowledge with teammates. Please continue creating, looking forward to future episodes! Thank you!”