Want to know what our Youtube CRO baller subscribers have to say about the show?

“Best most insightful show on CRO – so good it should be on Netflix 😀”

“Gentlemen, really enjoying this series! Appreciate all the time, hard work and energy you both are putting into this. Truly evident how passionate you guys are in this field. Learning so much and continuing share your knowledge with teammates. Please continue creating, looking forward to future episodes! Thank you!”

“Hi Lorenzo and Rishi, I’m Amreen and I have been following you on LinkedIn for quite some time. Absolutely admire your work on both platforms. Every time I come across your content, I learn something new. Your content is GOLD and has opened up new perspectives for me, surrounding product pages, creative thinking, reviews mining, and coming up with new ideas for a better customer experience. Hats off to Lorenzo for the review’s mining concept. Even though I do customer research, I never called it ‘Reviews mining’. Love, love how Lorenzo portrayed it visually on an excel sheet.”

“These videos are AWESOME, keep making them, guys! I am learning so much from you both. No one else explains CRO and how to think like shoppers like you both do!”

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“People need to watch Lorenzo and Rishi’s Youtube channel. They constantly come up with ideas that are creative. Completely new stuff and are working in the CRO world. In fact, A/B testing supports creativity. You can come up with creative ideas and don’t have to prove if it will work or not. Just need to test it”

“Lorenzo and Rishi have put together a show of immeasurable value. Understanding How Shoppers Think highlights the importance of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to a level you have not experienced before. They will surprise you every week with new ideas and suggestions. Good content is rare. Great content is a unicorn, and that’s exactly what you are getting.”

“I think I’m officially addicted to review mining. Thanks for making my weekends much less weekend-like but more fun nonetheless. It’s SO much fun getting to know people’s actual feelings towards a product and a company as well as why they bought in the first place”

“I enjoy your teardown with Lorenzo and your newsletters. You are a 🚀 my friend. Your tone and the way you present your content is second to none. I thought I’d let you know”

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