EP 2

NamaWell.com Conversion Optimization Ideas

14 Jan 2022

In this second episode you will learn:

— 6 Selling angles that Namawell can use to increase sales
— What opportunities Namawell has to improve the product pages images
— How to lower the anxieties that customers have when deciding to buy a juicer
— How Namawell emphasizes the benefits of juicers
— How Namawell can leverage Influencer testimonials further to increase sales

And a lot more.


This is the page we discussed in this episode: https://namawell.com/products/vitality-5800

To learn more about Selling Angles, visit this post: https://www.frictionless-commerce.com/blog/selling-angles/

Lorenzo Carreri’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorenzocarreri/

Rishi Rawat’s page: https://www.frictionless-commerce.com/