EP 37

Bob Moesta: Jobs to be done, product pages, A/B testing and reviews mining

12 Dec 2022

Rishi and Lorenzo’s work have been influenced by Bob Moesta A LOT.

Bob Moesta is an entrepreneur and the inventor of the Jobs To Be Done, a framework that helps you understand why people buy products.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the Jobs To Be Done framework is
  • Competition in the eyes of the company vs in the eyes of the customer
  • The jobs to be done of an eCommerce product page
  • Bob’s controversial view about A/B testing
  • What Bob thinks about customer reviews and reviews mining

Our favorite Bob’s quotes from this episode:

“If we are truly innovating, there is way more unknowns than there are knowns”

“When buying, most people don’t choose, they eliminate”

“More people know what they DON’T want than what they want”

“People don’t make progress when they buy a product, they make a progress when they use the product”

“Total Addressable market is a fallacy, because how many people are actually struggling?”


Bob’s new book: Learning to Build: The 5 Bedrock Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Follow Bob on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bmoesta

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